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Ukrainian public organizations activated actions against Crimean shipping

Ukrainian public organizations activated actions against Crimean shipping, by monitoring ship calls and chasing violators of a recent Ukrainian legislation,
which is strictly prohibiting all business activities on Crimea peninsula, unless specifically approved.
By way of Directive No.255, entitled On Closure of Sea Ports, entered into force on 15th July, 2014, the Ukrainian authorities closed the ports of
Evpatoria, Kerch, Sevastopol, Feodosia, and Yalta to international shipping.
Vessels that call at these ports after the Directive is published will be in breach of Ukrainian Legislation on Occupied Territories- Law of Ukraine
No.1207-VII On Assurance of Rights and Freedoms and Legal Regime on the Temporarily Occupied Territory of Ukraine.
According to this law, the property of any company effecting illegal (without Ukraine permission) business in the Crimea can be and will be confiscated, if it s within Ukrainian law enforcement bodies reach. If this legislation is recognized by IMO and EU, then, vessels of the shipowners – violators may be arrested and confiscated in any country, member of IMO and EU.
Ukrainian activists organizations are intensifying their hunting actions in monitoring the calls of the foreign flag vessels at Crimean ports via AIC information in order to create and maintain a Black list of shipowners , whose vessels called Crimean ports without prior arrangement with Ukrainian authorities and prosecuting such violators.

Activists pinpoint such foreign (non-Russian) vessels - violators, sending protest letters to all involved parties (Ukrainian authorities, authorities of the States of owner/operator and Flag), notifying the authorities about illegal activities and demanding penalization.
Besides it is a quit possible scenario blockade of such vessels in the Ukrainian ports by labour activists and organizations.

According to Occupied territories of the Ukraine legislation, all perpetrators, including members of the crew and passengers, are subject to criminal prosecution and confiscation of perpetrator’s assets ( including vessels).

Activists are headed by a public organization called “Maidan of Foreign Affairs, Counsel of public security, Mariupol Druzina, an online edition Black Sea News and others.

We would recommend to the shipowners to be pragmatically before sending their vessels to Crimean ports.

Will keep you informed of any further developments of the situation.

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