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New draft restriction at Mariupol port

Dear Sirs,

We would like to advise that Harbour Master Mariupol Port issued Notice Nbr. 16/11 dd 06/11/2017 reducing the maximum draft at the entrance to the port from 8.00 meters to 07.50 meters  Such draft restriction have taken effect from 00.00 07/11until the further Harbour Master Notice. The Port Authorities are making efforts to carry out dredging works to increase the draft limits.

Masters are recommended to always check with local Agents prior to entry into a port whether the vessel's arrival draft does not exceed this existing draft restrictions. If a vessel exceeds the maximum allowed / physically available draft, then entry may not be safe. This can have both contractual consequences, as well as practical delay and cost. Entering while the vessel exceeds the maximum available draft is not prudent and could lead to a grounding or other casualty situation. 

Will keep you closely inform of further developments.

With kind regards,

Alexander Nikityuk
Azovlloyd P&I Services Ltd
Mariupol, Ukraine
fax: +380629527009
AOH: +380676211006